Selling Your Unit?

If you are selling your unit, you need to do the following:

A. Send a letter to the Meadow Lake Board letting us know your intent to sell.
B. Once on the market, your real estate agent will need certain information from you. Some of the information is as follows:

Meadow Lake Association is self run. It does not have a management company. The Board Members are:

V/P Grounds:

Alan Goodrich
Scott Wilson
Sue Bolger

Chuck Keersmaekers
Terry Entwistle



Insurance Information:
Meadow Lake Insurance Carrier:
Piper McCredie Insurance Agency, Inc.
G-5454 Gateway Centre, Suite A
Flint, Michigan 48057-3900
Our agent is Scott J. Breslin. You may reach him by phone at (810) 767-6050 or (800) 333-0983. His e-mail address is

As provided for in Section IV of the Meadow Lake By-Laws, the Association's insurance policy provides coverage for all 18 buildings (72 units) and includes both building exteriors and unit interiors as they came originally equipped. Any improvement or betterment that has been made to the unit is the responsibility of the unit owner.
It is the co-owner's responsibility to purchase their own policy providing such coverage as personal property, liability, loss of use, improvements and betterments. Contact your insurance agent to review converages.

No later than Five (5) days prior to closing, a copy of the purchase agreement must be received by the Meadow Lake Secretary. It can be mailed to:
Meadow Lake Association
24678 Lake Meadow Drive
Harrison Twp, MI 48045

scanned and e-mailed to
This is required by our Bylaws, and must happen before you go to close... Once the purchase agreement is received, a Condo Status letter is sent to the title company.

It is the seller's responsibility (or their agent's) to provide a copy of the purchase agreement to the Meadow Lake Board. If this document is not received, Condo Status letters cannot be sent out.
This may hold up the closing.

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